You need balls, bad attitude (Italian if possible), the media and the support of the public.In other words, you need a revolution. That is exactly what we had, a revolution. Thousands of responses, e-mails and, most importantly, over 2000 one stars reviews written with sarcasm by Botto supporters from all over the… » 3/03/15 11:31am Yesterday 11:31am

I just don't understand why gamers get so upset when people talk about social issues in video games. I get why they may disagree, or find it uninteresting, or not buy the argument — but that's not what happens. Nothing triggers gamer rage like somebody in a scarf trying to analyse Donkey Kong's imperialist undertones.

» 2/27/15 1:12pm Friday 1:12pm

Seriously, that's really baffling. I understand evil (obvs I don't condone it, but I understand that technically a person utterly and completely lacking in compassion is likely to profit more), but this is plain self-destructive stupidity. Even small children understand the ant and grasshopper fairytale! » 2/27/15 1:07pm Friday 1:07pm